prepare for the worst

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Smile big, hug bigger. Talk big, act bigger. Stop judging, do something. Shut the fuck up, do something. Instead of sneering at my friends and me ‘cause we’re not stealing, buy a troubled friend a drink at the bar and tip well. Don’t spend your time scoffing. When do that you’re just scoffing like the people who scoff at us while defending our community.

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If everyone needs a crutch, then I need a wheelchair
I need a reason to reason with you


The Wild Hunt || Tallest Man on Earth


I plan to be forgotten when I’m gone.
Yes, I’ll be leaving in the Fall.

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Only Ghosts || Gregory Alan Isakov

but you hide in your cellars
brewing thoughts to make you drunk and you wait
for your profits to come
well, for you, well,
I hope they do.

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